Delhi: Communal tension after Temple desecrated, traders shut down shops in important markets

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There is continued tension in Hauz Qazi area of Delhi after a Temple was vandalized by some members of the local minority community.

The Temple was pelted with stones by the locals after an alleged fight during which a squatting drunkard was roughed up on Sunday. The Temple got vandalized later last night.

Pictures showing khandit Pratimas allegedly after this attack are doing rounds on WhatsApp which CurrenTriggers could not independently verify.

Due to ongoing tension, afraid Traders have voluntarily shut down shops in the markets of Lal Quan, Fatehpuri and Khari Baoli area.

The retailers, as well as wholesalers, have shut down shops today and it is unclear whether they will open shops even tomorrow which could lead to business loss up to the tune of several hundreds of crores.

One retailer on the condition of anonymity says that while he was unaware of the extent of damage done to the Hindu place of worship, he, however, says that the police are there to ensure peace but he said that the traders are going to take their time.

On Holi this year,one Imran was arrested by the Delhi Police Special Cell after he tried to trigger a communal riot in Harsh Vihar by chopping a cow on the Hindu holy festival Holi.

Due to timely measures by the police, the situation was controlled.

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