27-year old teacher abducts 14-year old Hindu girl in Bangladesh (Video)

A minor Hindu school girl Susmita Rani Majumder (14) was kidnapped by her private tutor Md. Illius Mollah (27) and two more perpetrators on 21 January 2019 for forceful conversion to Islam.

She was abducted from the main road of Rajendrapur Bazar of Tegoria Moor South Keranigonj, Dhaka.

The girl who is the resident of Gobindapur village went to her school at around 7.10 am but did not return even after 12 p.m.

An appeal has been issued to get Susmita recovered.

Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) in its findings deduced that the girl was kidnapped when she was going to school.

The family and the relatives of this alleged abductor is threatening the Hindu girl’s family and is pressurising it to not publicise her abduction.

Father of victim Sukumar Majumder went to lodge F.I.R. at the South Keranigonj Police Station but the Officer in Charge refused to register the case.

The father had to move court and only after the direction of the Tribunal was the case even registered. In this precious ‘recovery’ time of the girl was lost. Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) officer Md. Monir Hossain has been given the charge of the case but the girl remains missing.

The parents of the Hindu girl are getting threats to not publicize the case.

BDMW team spoke to the mother of the accused teacher Md. Illius Mollah, but she said that she does not where he is.

Every year hundreds of Hindu girls go missing in Bangladesh for forceful conversion to Islam. Due to religious persecution and apathy of the state, several persecuted Hindus have fled to India.

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