India trashes China and Pakistan on Kashmir, tells them that China Pakistan Economic Corridor stands on Indian soil

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India left no stone unturned when she reacted today against the China-Pakistan duo.

China and Pakistan issued a statement saying that Kashmir is a “dispute left from history” and the issue should be “peacefully resolved based on the UN Charter, relevant UN Security Council resolutions and bilateral agreements.”

In response to a query on reference to Jammu & Kashmir in the Joint Statement issued after Chinese Foreign Minister’s recent visit to Pakistan, the Official Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said:

“We reject the reference to Jammu & Kashmir in the Joint Statement issued by China and Pakistan after the recent visit of Chinese Foreign Minister. J&K is an integral part of India.

On the other hand, India has consistently expressed concerns to both China and Pakistan on the projects in so-called “China Pakistan Economic Corridor”, which is in the territory of India that has been illegally occupied by Pakistan since 1947. India is resolutely opposed to any actions by other countries to change the status quo in Pakistan occupied J&K. We call on the parties concerned to cease such actions.”

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India is not the only country that has been hassled by the two rogue countries. Here is what the rest of the world has to say to China:

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