Number 10 meaning: Supreme Soul has given you a new ‘you’

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Number 10 has a unique meaning for those on the path of spiritual awakening!

What Number 10 means is that some old recurring cycles of procrastination, abuse, vulnerability, and even hate have been broken down due to the will of the Supreme Soul.

The Supreme Soul has seen to it that the person has understood and absorbed all the lessons imparted to him/her willingly. Now, the person has to embark on a new path, and he/she who saw number 10 is now a brand ‘new’ person and has been ‘reborn’ again at the soul and the karma level.

It is therefore my advice that the one seeing Number 10 clean and purge everything negative with water.

How to do this?

First, take bath with a good quality rose fragrance (homegrown roses) or with the extract of the Tulsi.

Now once the mind is all clean, ask what are you anxious about even after this bath.

Drench anxieties, if any left, in the water by calling out the issues one by one and imagine that the word denoting the said negative emotion emerges in the mug of water one is holding.

Now pour it down the drain.

You may do this process for as long as you need but do believe that this is all working.

Your mind and soul have to be in unison at this time and stage and both need to be relaxed.

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Also, this is a rather rare number to appear in a dream, hence, make note of it in a book or journal and ask for Dev-Devi Guides to assist you.

By Namta Gupta