Number 101 meaning: Begin co-creating with the Universe

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Number 101 is often used by the Hindus for chanting and simply immersing in Bhakti.

In old days, among the Hindus, Rs. 101 used to be considered an auspicious amount for the newlyweds. So, at least among the Hindus, the blissful abundance of the number 101 is not unheard of.

The real reason is that this number speaks about joining forces with the Supreme Soul for co-creating the person’s future.

We, the living beings have been given ‘free will’, whether we believe it or not. The divine intervention is often an extremely rare phenomenon and it affects either the greatest of souls or the most abusive and powerful people. The ones who stay in the middle path rarely ever get divine intervention even when they are likely to welcome it mostly because they lack true belief in their own soul’s goodness.

Number 101 is thus a perfect number where the Supreme Soul would send its energies tip-toeing in the person’s life. This works incredulously well while manifesting a person or a partnership or even health and money. However, Number 101’s real message truly lies in devotion or Bhakti.

Bhakti is when the soul of the person joins as an equal with the Supreme Soul to carve out the life that fulfills his/her life purpose in the mortal world.

Seeing number 101 is thus a great sign to see. Doing chants in the pairs of Number 101 is extremely significant.

Now, we do know that the Navaratri and Shivaratri are pivotal days when the energy of the Supreme Soul is at the peak. It is thus advisable for those with an expressed connection with the Supreme Soul and also who are active in manifestation to make use of this auspicious time and write down their own fate. How soon would the manifestation would be brought to the person depends on the good karma and the spiritual currency that he/she has.

But a good way to know is to seek the advice of the assisting Devas, and Devi Guides, or Angels and ask them to help you in ‘designing’ and ‘drafting’ the wishes.

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These powerful and spiritual beings are wiser and have the access to the larger picture and hence, would guide keeping the life purpose of the person at the front.

Number 101 is therefore a unique number and those seeing this in dreams have the opportunity to seek miracles they desire and were also destined to achieve.

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Good luck manifesting, stop procrastinating, and may you stick to your life purpose!

By Namta Gupta