Know why Karnataka police were on high alert for Lord Dattatreya Jayanthi

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Lord Dattatreya or Datta is considered an incarnation of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

There are several devotees of Lord Dattatreya and the Jayanthi celebration is a joyous moment for the devotees. But Chikkamagaluru police was on high alert and had to deploy CCTVs and more than 3000 police personnel due to religious tension. Datta Jayanthi is celebrated at the Inam Dattatreya Peeth which is situated on the Baba Budangiri hills.

Hindus usually take out Shobhayatras but for some time celebrations are low-key and this time section 144 was imposed and even the entry of tourists was restricted.

The reason for all these expansive measures is that the Muslims also claim the spot stating that this was one of the earliest Sufi centers of India.

But CT Ravi who is a BJP MLA from Chikkamagaluru had vowed on December 23rd that BJP comes back to form the government in Karnataka it will reject the Nagamohan Das committee report on Datta Peeta.

He also said:

“We will appoint Hindu Priests to perform Pooje to Guru Dattatreya and ensure that Hindus get control of Datta Peeta.”

General secretary of BJP Karnataka Shobha Karandlaje also expresse her opinion. She told that she has never missed Dattatreya Jayanthi!

Further, she said that out of 365 days only 3 days the Hindus can perform Pooja here. All the other days peer Mohammad is sitting in sannidan!


While sharing this picture she wrote: 'Different courts had given a verdict that Datta Peeta belongs to Hindus but now we have to move like this in strong barricades!'
While sharing this picture she wrote:
‘Different courts had given a verdict that Datta Peeta belongs to Hindus but now we have to move like this in strong barricades!’

Karandlaje also said that it’s sad that our elders fought for it for 40 yrs but in vain.

She accused the Congress of playing minority appeasement and said that the dangerous politics of minority appeasement of Congress has rendered no justice to Hindus in this battle.

‘I am confident that the we will win this battle and get our Dattatreya Peetha back. She also said that the District Court, High Court, and govt Committee had given judgment that survey number 165,167 of Peeta belongs to Hindus. Supreme Court also clarified that the state govt should resolve this issue.’

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But, she pointedly targeted Congress again and said that the ruling party appointed Justice Nagmohan Das Committee to “almost” nullify the judicial verdict. 

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