Mother’s Day: Youth Congress tweets picture of Indira and Rahul

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New Delhi, May 8, 2016: On the Mother’s Day today,  the official Twitter handle of Youth Congress tweeted a picture of a baby Rahul Gandhi but not with mother Sonia Gandhi, but with his grandmother late Indira Gandhi.

The Youth Congress handle also captioned the picture as “Maa Tujhe Salaam” or “salute you mother.”

While grandmothers also love their gen-next, yet it would have been more ‘day-wise’ appropriate if the picture had Sonia Gandhi holding Rahul Gandhi!

Also, if it was Indira’s picture that ‘had’ to be tweeted then it would have been much better if it were the pictures of late Sanjay Gandhi and late Rajeev Gandhi instead of the grandmother Indira holding baby Rahul.

Especially when it had been titled as “Maa Tujhe Salaam.”

The official Congress handle however did somewhat better and wrote: “This Mothers Day take a Selfie with your mother & express your love in your tweet. #HappyMothersDay”

But, it goofed up a little as well!

While the Youth Congress decided to post pictures of Rahul Gandhi and late Indira Gandhi, the Indian National Congress’ official Twitter handle could not find any picture of Sonia Gandhi with ‘both’ her children, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi.

It seems that it forgot that is not Priyanka Gandhi, but brother Rahul who is in politics and is the heir apparent!

This is what the official Twitter handle of Congress party tweeted:

Till the writing of this article, the official handle of Rahul Gandhi did not tweet anything on the Mother’s Day.

The social media team of Congress seems very slow and lackadaisical. It is high time that it matches the social media management of its rival BJP and AAP as this space is getting conquered by leaps and bounds.

These events are a great way to tap and connect with the youth of the nation and while selfie with moms is a great way to connect, yet more needs to be done and done faster and with enthusiasm.