Kerala: Modi invokes Father Prem & Sadanandan Master

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New Delhi, May 8, 2016: Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in full form when he went out today at the Kasaragod rally and hit out at both the Left and the Congress.

Reminding the people that many saints from this land had worked for the betterment of society and for the upliftment of the poo, Modi slammed the Left and the Congress asking whether Kerala and West Bengal are even in India. He rhetorically asked:

Is West Bengal in India? Is Kerala in India? Then why are speeches of Left and Congress leaders different in both states. Can people who speak in different voices in Kerala and West Bengal be trusted by the people. This is insulting people’s sensibilities.

Modi then went after what he said was the “adjustment politics of the Congress and Left” and called it the politics of compromise and corruption.

Not stopping at that, Narendra Modi also underlined that this election is to safeguard the interests of the youth of Kerala and is not only about who the next MLA is going to be.

It is important to state here that BJP has emerged as a prime player along with Congress and Left on the Hindutva plus development plank.

Pitching the BJP as pro-farmer, the PM also said that Congress and Left are not concerned about agriculture growth in the state. Their priorities are ‘different.’

He also wooed the dominant Christian community by citing the example of Father Prem Alexis rescue that the central government undertook.

Modi said that Father Prem dedicated his life to Lord Christ, the Taliban kidnapped him. For months nobody knew about his whereabouts. We undertook several efforts and Father Prem returned home.

In short, he highlighted in one stroke that the fear mongering among minorities by opposition parties is untrue.

Narendra Modi then spoke on the victim of Communist violence and said:

“What was the crime of Sadanandan Master that his legs were cut? He was only serving people.”

He, for the first time, on the killing of the volunteers said that “due to politics of violence so many of our Karyakartas have been killed. They were only serving people.”

Narendra Modi had never earlier commented on the killing of the Hindutva workers in Kerala. He also slammed Communists and the violence perpetrated by them, stating that “from Kasaragod I want everyone to know…a land known as God’s own country witnesses killing of innocent people by Communists.”