Pakistani Hindus in fear after Muslim mob riots in Ghotki, Temples attacked (Video)

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Ever since a Teenage Muslim boy accused his Pakistani Hindu Principal of using language which the boy deemed unfit for Islam’s Prophet Mohammad, Ghotki, Sindh is simmering.

Protests in surrounding areas like Mirpur Mathelo and Adilpur were also held with blasphemous slogans against Hindus.

An FIR was filed against the Hindu Principal of Sindh Public School at the complaint of the teenager Abdul Aziz Rajput’s father without any investigation to ascertain what was uttered and what was ‘cooked’.

The Principal, Pakistani Hindu man Notan Mal, has allegedly been targeted for his Hindu religion while the Muslim mob is out on street and has already desecrated at least three Hindu Temples to take revenge, a source unwilling to identify told CurrenTriggers.

This area is ruled by Sufi Pirs who have long used certain areas of Sindh as conversion factories targeting mainly vulnerable Hindu girls.

The Additional Inspector General of Police, Sukkur Region, Jamil Ahmed, however, claimed that the police is acting in ‘a cool, calculated, impartial and professional manner’ while taking Hindu Principal Notan Mal ‘in the safe custody of Police’ as it blatantly failed to control the crowd.

CurrenTriggers has covered several such riots in the past, from Balochistan to Sindh.

The Sufi Pirs are largely responsible for mobilization of crowds when it comes to mob violence as they use this to challenge the writ of the state as well as show Pakistani Hindus their power as happened in the case of Hindu girl Monika.

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Due to frequent persecution and inhumane treatment Pakistani Hindus are taking refuge in India in large numbers.

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Pakistan Minorities Teachers’ Association, in a statement to CurrenTriggers, has condemned the desecration of the Hindu Temple and of the Holy Book of the followers of the Sanatan Dharam.

The statement says:

‘PMTA condemns the irresponsible role of the police as it was visible in the video clips of the incident that the local police of Ghotki did not even try to arrest a single person but helped to flee the desecrators of the Temple.’

Prof. Anjum James Paul of PMTA has himself visited the renowned Temple in 2016 and even had lunch there.

He says that the Hindus of Ghotki already lead miserable lives and they are fearful due to the abductions and forced conversions and forced marriages because Mian Mithu’s conversion center is also in Ghotki.

PMTA has said that the provincial government of Sindh and the Federal government of Pakistan must protect the religious minorities under article 36 of the constitution of Pakistan and the National Action Plan. The lawbreakers must be treated with iron hands. PMTA requests the government of Pakistan to take all measures to protect religious minorities who become faith victims.