Muslim mob burns down Hindu homes and religious places in Pakistan

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Muslim mob led by an influential man has burnt down several properties including houses, shops and religious centers of the Pakistani Hindus on the late evening of 26 May 2019.  The reason behind this most recent attack ostensibly floated is that a Hindu doctor identified as Dr. Ramesh burnt down holy Quran following which this prolonged attack took place at Phuldiyoon, Mirpurkhas of Sindh. The Doctor is already arrested by the police after the allegation was raised by the Muslims.

While the theory of blasphemy works all the time against the Hindus, Currentriggers has come to know that the said Hindu Doctor had refused to treat a patient as he was resting following which the Muslim man and his aides went berserk and the rumor was floated to teach the Hindus a lesson. Sources tell me that ever since a thumping victory of Narendra Modi and the negative campaigning in the Pak media on a ‘rising Hindu nationalism’ in India, they were fearing such an attack.

Pakistan Minorities Teachers’ Association (PMTA) in a thorough statement ‘condemned this inhuman incidence of blasphemy violence’ and noted that even the Hindus residing in the surrounding areas are in a scary situation. PMTA noted that the Hindus are already a victim of faith-based persecution and they are unsafe in Pakistan.

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The group also noted that the Hindu women, girls, and families are being forcibly converted to Islam. PMTA also demanded the ‘Pakistani and Indian governments to soften the international borders so that Hindus may migrate to India.’

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It also believes that Muslims of India should also be allowed access to Pakistani citizenship if they so desire.

Hindus and Sikhs are already migrating out of Pakistan in large numbers to India due to religious persecution that gets triggered every now and then.

Sindh government has not provided any aid or relief to the Hindus while there is a media blackout on this news in Pakistan.

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Due to lack of international pressure, these cases are only piling up with no hope of any relief for the Hindus in sight.

Namta Gupta

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