New material discovered can convert infrared light to renewable energy

New Delhi, July 15, 2022: Scientists have discovered a novel material that can emit, detect, and modulate infrared light with high efficiency making it useful for solar and thermal energy harvesting and for optical communication devices. Electromagnetic waves are a renewable energy source used for electricity generation, telecommunication, defence and security technologies, sensors, and healthcare […]

Aditya-L1 Science Support Cell exposes students to processes happening on the Sun, Aditya-L1 mission & observational data analysis

New Delhi, July 14, 2022: Students from institutions and universities across India were exposed to the basic processes happening on the Sun, Aditya-L1 mission, and observational data analysis, as well as the current open problems that young researchers on the subject can address, at a workshop conducted by the Aditya-L1 Science Support Cell (AL1SSC). “This workshop […]

Rapidly charging E-cycle developed with Na-ion batteries and supercapacitors

New Delhi, July 13, 2022: Scientists have used nano-materials to develop Na-ion-based batteries and supercapacitors, which can be rapidly charged and have integrated them in e-cycles. The low-cost Na-ion-based technologies would be cheap and are expected to reduce the cost of the e-cycles significantly. Sodium-ion (Na-ion) batteries have triggered academic and commercial interest as a possible […]

GigaMesh: AI boosts rural connectivity and healthcare

New Delhi, July 12, 2022: A total of 15 villages in different parts of the country may soon be seamlessly connected through a next-generation networking solution that can address congestion issues in 4G infrastructure and provide high-tech and affordable internet connectivity, The network solution called GigaMesh wirelessly provides fibre-like backhaul capacity and paves the road for […]

Green Hydrogen Is Critical to India’s Economic Development and Net-Zero Ambitions: Report

New Delhi, July 07, 2022:  A new report released today by NITI Aayog highlights that green hydrogen can substantially spur industrial decarbonisation and economic growth for India in the coming decades.The report was launched by Suman Bery, Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog  and Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog. Harnessing Green Hydrogen: Opportunities for Deep Decarbonisation in India provides […]

New genus of treeshrew from Ramnagar in Jammu and Kashmir can provide a precise age estimate for the locality

New Delhi, July 06, 2022: Scientists have spotted fossils of a small mammal resembling squirrels called treeshrew belonging to a new genus and species from Ramnagar in Jammu and Kashmir. This treeshrew currently represents the oldest record of fossil tupaiids in the Siwaliks, extending their time range by 2.5–4.0 Million Years in the region and can […]