Donald Trump attacks FBI on social media!

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Donald Trump, the current President of the United States, simply loves social media and he is not the one to hold back when he has to make a statement! After media, whom Donald Trump calls ‘fake’ with emphasis, now American security agency FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is under his radar.In his latest statement, he took FBI to task and wrote:

The FBI is totally unable to stop the national security “leakers” that have permeated our government for a long time.

They can’t even find the leakers within the FBI itself. Classified information is being given to media that could have a devastating effect on U.S. FIND NOW.

On February 16 as well, the President of the USA has tweeted that the leakers will be caught.

Donald Trump also rubbed in his win at the Democrats saying that the ‘Fake news media’ was more effective than the Democrats when it comes to stories and sources.

However, on these ‘sources’ he added ‘they are fading fast.’ But it seems that all is not well with the Trump administration and the media keeps getting information which the administration does not want to show.

But what would happen to the morale of the security agency after such a public lashing from the elected President?

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