Eagle news: Bald eaglet begins to hatch from egg

bald eagle

New York, March 18, 2016:  Since mid-February, hundreds of thousands of viewers have tuned intodceaglecam.eagles.org to watch two live-streaming, high definition cameras featuring the wild nest of Bald Eagles “Mr. President” & “The First Lady.” These parents have been faithfully incubating two eggs at the top of a Tulip Poplar tree in the U.S. National Arboretum, right inside the Nation’s Capitol.

Their devoted attention and dedicated efforts finally began to pay off last night, as the first eaglet began its “pipping” process! “Pipping” occurs when an eaglet uses the tip of its beak to break through the internal membrane and the outer shell of its egg.

American Eagle Foundation camera operators first witnessed a small crack on the egg around 7:30 p.m. last night, March 16th. As of this morning, this crack has grown, but it could take anywhere from 12-48 hours for an eaglet to fully emerge, or hatch, from its shell.

“This is a very special time in the nest,” says American Eagle Foundation Founder & President Al Cecere. “To witness the up-close process of an eaglet breaking through its shell and being fed by its parents for the first time is wonderfully heartwarming.”

The pair’s second egg was laid on February 14th and DC Eagle Cam viewers are hopeful that it will hatch this weekend.

These will have been the second and third eaglets raised by these parents at this idyllic location – as they raised their first eaglet in 2015 after building this nest. In the AEF’s educational chatroom (where viewers can create an account and talk to experienced moderators and other “chatters”) this eaglet will be tentatively referred to as “DC2.” If and when its sibling hatches, it will tentatively be called “DC3.”

In several weeks, the general public will have the opportunity to help come up with official names for these eaglets.