Arnold Schwarzenegger​ loves sharing his breakfast (video)!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, bird, The Apprentice, Donald J Trump, video

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the tough guy of Hollywood whom we all love is actually a nice and caring man! What’s more, if you turn up hungry then the hunk is more than happy to share his food with you too, but here is a catch! You got to be a little bird and not be scared of the man.

Here is the Arnold Schwarzenegger telling what it is like to share food with a winged friend in style. Do watch and do share:

Meanwhile, while our Arnold Schwarzenegger is fine with the involvement of Donald Trump‘s involvement in ‘The Apprentice’ the man himself is very unhappy with all those rumors. There were rumors that Trump may be somehow involved with the project and could be the producer too but it seems that now all is well settled.

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