Security ink based on nano-materials that spontaneously emits light can combat counterfeiting

New Delhi, November 1, 2021: Indian Scientist has developed a highly stable and non-toxic security ink from nano-materials that spontaneously emit light (luminescent) due to its unique chemical properties to combat the counterfeiting of branded goods, bank-notes, medicine, certificates, currency. Counterfeiting of branded goods, bank-notes, medicine, certificates, currency, and other important documents is very common […]

OTPRMS, certificates, DigiLocker, registration fees

OTPRMS certificates linked with DigiLocker, registration fees waived

New Delhi, March 20, 2021: In order to ensure hassle-free access to verified Online Teacher Pupil Registration Management System (OTPRMS) Certificates, the Ministry of Education has decided to link the certificates with DigiLocker. The issued certificates will automatically be transferred to DigiLocker and the same may be traced at the website of National Council for […]