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Know more about Mission Shakti right here!

What is Mission Shakti? Was Mission Shakti directed against any country? Which satellite did India use for Mission Shakti? Many questions are there. Here below you will find more about Mission Shakti: I. What was the test? 1. On March 27, 2019 India conducted Mission Shakti, an anti-satellite missile test, from the Dr. A P […]

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‘Hit to Kill’ mode, India joins elite nations, destroys live satellite in low Earth orbit

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) today successfully conducted an Anti-Satellite (A-SAT) missile test ‘Mission Shakti’ from the Dr AP J Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha. A DRDO-developed Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) Interceptor Missile successfully engaged an Indian orbiting target satellite in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) in a ‘Hit to Kill’ mode. #MissionShakti represents a […]

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India successfully test fires the Guided PINAKA from Pokhran ranges

Defence Research and Defence Organisation (DRDO) yesterday successfully test fired the Guided PINAKA from Pokhran ranges. The weapon system is equipped with state-of-the-art guidance kit comprising of an advanced navigation and control system. In both the missions, the weapon systems impacted the intended targets with high precision and achieved desired accuracies. Telemetry Systems tracked and […]

India test fires Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missile (Video)

Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) successfully test fired indigenously developed Quick Reach Surface-to-Air missile (QRSAM) from ITRChandipur, off the Odisha Coast today. The two missiles were tested for different altitude and conditions. The test flights successfully demonstrated the robust Control, Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Structural performance and high manoeuvring capabilities thus proving the design configuration. Radars, […]

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India’s first military flight using Blended Bio-Jet Fuel Flown by IAF

Today, on 17 December 2018, Experimental Test Pilots and Test Engineer from IAF’s premier testing establishment ASTE, flew India’s first military flight using blended bio-jet fuel on the An-32 transport aircraft. The project is a combined effort of IAF, DRDO, Directorate General Aeronautical Quality Assurance (DGAQA) and CSIR-Indian Institute of Petroleum. On 27 July 2018, […]

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Agni 5 missile successfully tested

Agni 5 missile was successfully flight tested today at 0945 hrs from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Island (Wheeler Island). In a press statement the government said: All the Radars, Electro-Optical Tracking Stations and Telemetry Stations tracked the vehicle all through the course of the trajectory. All the mission objectives have been achieved. Raksha Mantri Nirmala […]

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India successfully test fires AAD Endo-Atmospheric Interceptor Missile

India today successfully test fires AAD Endo-Atmospheric Interceptor Missile. DRDO conducted the successful launch of the interceptor missile Advanced Area Defence (AAD) at 1015 hrs today from Abdul Kalam Island, Odisha. The endo-atmospheric missile, capable of intercepting incoming targets at an altitude of 15 to 25 kms successfully destroyed the incoming missile. All the mission […]

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भारत ने सफलतापूर्वक एक्‍सो–वायुमं‍डलीय इंटरसेप्‍टर मिसाइल का परीक्षण किया

भारत ने आज सुबह 7.45 मिनट पर सफलतापूर्वक एक परीक्षण किया जिसमें एक आने वाली बैलेस्टिक मिसाइल टारगेट को एक एक्‍सो–वायुमं‍डलीय इंटरसेप्‍टर मिसाइल द्वारा बंगाल की खाड़ी में इंटरसेप्‍ट किया गया। एक्‍सो–वायुमं‍डलीय इंटरसेप्‍टर से भारत अपनी सुरक्षा पुख़्ता कर रहा है: इस सराहनीय वैज्ञानिक उपलब्धि के साथ भारत ने आने वाले बैलेस्टिक मिसाइल खतरों के खिलाफ […]