New cathode material can produce high-performance, cost-effective, environment-friendly Na-ion batteries as next-generation energy storage systems

New Delhi, June 04, 2023: Scientists have found an avenue that can simultaneously address the air/water-instability and structural-cum-electrochemical instability of Sodium–transition-metal–oxide-based cathode materials for Sodium-ion batteries and, accordingly, have developed new air/water-stable stable and high-performance cathode materials. The newly developed materials exhibit high electrochemical cyclic stability and stability upon exposure to air/water, thus, facilitating the […]

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Improved, heavy rare earth-free, low-cost magnets for Electric Vehicles could reduce mobility costs

New Delhi, Jan 03, 2023: Scientists have fabricated improved low cost heavy rare earth-free high Nd-Fe-B magnets, which are in high demand for Electric Vehicles and can make them more affordable. More than 90% of EVs use brushless DC (BLDC) motors made up of rare earth Neodymium Iron Boron (Nd-Fe-B) magnets. Since its discovery by […]

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Unique technology for direct generation of Hydrogen from agricultural residue developed

New Delhi, October 3, 2021: Indian researchers have developed a unique technology for direct generation of Hydrogen from agricultural residue. This innovation by Indian researchers can promote eco-friendly hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles by overcoming the challenge of its availability. India has set a target of 60% renewable energy of about 450 GW by 2030. To […]

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9th India-Japan Energy Dialogue held in New Delhi

The 9th India Japan Energy Dialogue was held in New Delhi, today. Minister of State(IC) for Power and New &Renewable Energy, R.K Singh, and Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Hiroshige Sekosigned a Joint Statement at the conclusion of the meeting. Both Japan and India, as the third and the seventh largest economies respectively, […]