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New catalytic process of producing hydrogen offers sustainable method of manufacturing the green fuel

New Delhi, August 12, 2023: A new process of producing hydrogen from methanol through a catalytic reaction under ambient conditions offers a sustainable and green method of manufacturing the much-needed clean fuel. Hydrogen is considered one of the cleanest sources of energy that can be easily obtained from indigestible biomass or bio-derived alcohols. Various methods […]

NTPC invites EoI for Hydrogen Fuel Cell based pilot projects

New Delhi, June 15, 2021: NTPC, India’s largest integrated power generating company under the Ministry of Power has floated a global Expression of Interest (EOI) to set up two pilot projects, Standalone Fuel-Cell based backup power system and a standalone fuel-cell based microgrid system with hydrogen production using electrolyser at NTPC premises. Through the projects, […]