An indigenous technology from IIT Madras can now produce new-generation superabrasive tools

New Delhi, November 12, 2022: A newly developed technology can now produce new-generation multi-point/single-layer superabrasive tools for advanced grinding applications to meet high productivity and energy-efficient material removal requirements. The tools produced also have enhanced tool life. Grinding industries have aired their voices for developing advanced superabrasive cBN/diamond tools that meet high productivity and energy-efficient material […]

SAMVEDAN 2021: National hackathon organized by IIT Madras and Sony India

New Delhi, July 11, 2021: Citizens across the country can now participate in solving India-specific problems of societal interest using IoT Sensor Board through a National hackathon called ‘SAMVEDAN 2021 – Sensing Solutions for Bharat’. Registrations for this Grand Challenge Competition have commenced on July 1st, 2021, and are open to all Indian nationals residing […]