New algorithm to quantify terrestrial RFI in space for Earth orbiting radio astronomy experiments

New Delhi, August 08, 2023: A new algorithm developed by scientists that is capable of estimating and mapping the unwanted Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) signals in space, can help design instruments that are capable of offering optimal operations in the presence of RFI and thereby, enriches the data obtained from the future space-based Astronomy missions. […]

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Mysterious Circles of Radio Emission Detected in Space May Come From Supernova Explosions or Massive Black Hole

New Delhi, December 27, 2022: A new research offers plausible explanations for mysterious hazy circles of radio emission deep in celestial space called Odd Radio Circles (ORCs) detected recently using some of the most sensitive international radio telescopes. Astronomers recently identified these ORCs using the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) in Australia & South Africa, the Giant […]

Scientists develop high-performance transistors and circuits useful for space and defense applications

New Delhi, January 3, 2022: Indian researchers have developed a high-performance industry-standard model for Aluminium gallium nitride (AlGaN/GaN) High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs) with simple design procedures which can be used to make high-power Radio Frequency (RF) circuits owing to its high breakdown voltage. Radio Frequency circuits include amplifiers and switches, which are used in wireless transmission […]