Horror and indignation as another Hindu girl gets kidnapped in Pakistan

Hindu girl, Ravita Meghwar kidnapping, forced conversion, Sindh,Nagarparkar

A young Hindu girl who was being teased by an influential man has been abducted allegedly by him in the Nagarparkar area of Tharparkar district in the early hours of Tuesday.

Hindu girl Ravita Meghwar was abducted after the perpetrators administered sleeping pills to 15 family members in Varayno village near Nagarparkar.

Her father and mother and other members of her family have been admitted to a rural health center in Islamkot in an unconscious state, says the Dawn report.

The abduction has again brought to light the sheer lawlessness in Sindh and how shallow all talks of the emancipation of the women and underprivileged are.

Dawn reports that the girl’s mother and father Satram Das have said that their daughter, 16-year-old Ravita Meghwar, was kidnapped by influential members of the Syed community.

Worse they believe that their daughter may be forced to convert to Islam and then be married off to the man who used to accost and tease her.

Local PPP leader Simtra Manjani met the Hindu girl Ravita’s family members and assured them of support but she also said that the teenage girl might be forced to convert.

Dawn report states that the joint police teams from Tharparkar and Umerkot districts raided various villages to trace the girl with no success.

In Pakistan, young Hindu and Christian girls as young as 5 years of age have been forced to convert to Islam. Currentriggers.com has been reporting these incidents regularly as mainstream Pakistani media continues to report only a small percent of these incidents.

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