Muslim girl who lied about Islamophobia arrested in the US

Muslim girl Yasmin Seweid, 18, who made up story of an attack by alleged Donald Trump supporters in a  US subway has been arrested after it was found that she made up the story. She was arrested on Wednesday for filing a fake police complaint.

The Muslim girl has said that she was attacked by 3 Trump supporters who called her a terrorist on a Subway train on December1. She later wrote a lengthy post on Facebook narrating her ‘ordeal’ sparking angry response from the Muslims across the world.

This is the post that the Muslim girl wrote on her account claiming that the alleged attackers called her to ‘go back to your country’ and said that they kept using Trump’s name throughout adding that the people didn’t see her as an American.


The Muslim girl then ominously added that the ‘Trump America is real.’

The Muslim girl then went missing as police investigation went on and her father Sayeed Seweid said that he was shocked to know about her arrest as per DNA Info. Yasmin Seweid is a Baruch College student and was later found to be staying with a friend of her.

He told the news site that his daughter could have been ‘afraid’ as she was running late and also said that

You try to raise your children as best you can. Maybe she was afraid that night. She was running late.

She’s a bright, good girl. She’s young and maybe she was foolish here. Young kids, you know, you don’t understand their mentality.’

The DNAinfo says that she recanted on Tuesday and admitted to being guilty of making up a story as she was having issues with her parents.

The authorities may have decided to charge her as they devoted a lot of time to bring the criminals to justice while the girl did not, at any stage, told them that she cooked up the incident to escape her personal issues at home.

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