Bangladesh : She was about to be a victim of forced conversion, but then she was rescued!

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Bangladesh, May 16, 2016: A minor Hindu girl, Nupur Rani Sheel, aged 12, was a school going child who was abducted by his own school teacher and his associates on the fateful day, 17 December, 2015 (at about 7.30 pm), with the intention of rape and forceful conversion to Islam. The child went missing from Noakhali and whatever little hopes that her parents had of recovering her were sinking by the day. But still they never lost hope, something kept them going; something which was really indescribable.

Her parents loved and adored the little daughter who came into their lives on 30 December 20104, but to be a daughter of minority parents in a country like Bangladesh has its issues.

But then came the great news, Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW), a minority human rights organization, announced that the victim Hindu girl has not only been rescued but the perpetrator school teacher Md. Siddique Ullah has also been nabbed! Girls can be rescued but catching the perpetrator too? This was a rarity!

The advocate of Bangladesh Minority Watch Rabindra Ghosh wrote, that through the DB Police of Noakhali, from Chittagong Hill Tracts, S.I. Md. Nurul Alam told him that both Nupur Rani Sheel and the accused Siddique Ullah have been arrested. He also wrote:

“They will be produced before the Court at Noakhali tomorrow for orders. We are expecting good order from the court.”

In short, at least one kid has been saved from the clutches of sexual slavery that is increasingly becoming a norm in Bangladesh.

The victim kid was kidnapped by the school teacher who was aided by:

1.) Md.Joynal (35) son of late Anisul Hoque

2) Md. Sheikh Farid (30) son of Noor Nabi

3) Mahafuz Master (37), son of late Shamsuddin

4)Ms. Nur Jahan (45) son of late Ismail and unknown 5 to 6 other people.

But besides all this, what is most worrisome is that Nupur Rani Shil, who was the student of class VI at Kusum Kumari Girls’s High school in Sudharam in the Noakhali District, was kidnapped from ‘her’ house. In short, the teacher was so bold that he attempted kidnapping her from her own house! If a girl child is not safe in her house, then where would she be considered safe? This is eerily similar to the cases of abductions that one hears from Pakistan where minority girls are often abducted and taken away from their houses, Rinkle Kumari was abducted like that in Pakistan, but then, since when did Bangladesh start aping this nation?