Why For Bollywood IPL Is Holy and Holi Is Jallikattu

Bollywood Holi IPL Jallikattu, Bollywood actors against Holi, Bollywood actor performance IPL, Bollywood actors Jallikattu

IPL is the latest ‘cool’ thing in Bollywood. Anyone who is ‘any’ body is now a cricket maniac in the industry and therefore it was no surprise that Bollywood has decided to remain perennially mum on the wastage of water as far as IPL was concerned. Also, the fact that IPL is the event where these people earn quick bucks helped them stay shut on the water usage. But, the same people when they speak on water-usage on Holi, make a mockery of themselves!

Bollywood Holi IPL Jallikattu, Bollywood actors against Holi, Bollywood actor performance IPL, Bollywood actors Jallikattu
For Bollywood IPL is Holy! No questions asked on its water consumption!

The fact that Holi is just a one-day festival does not help but let’s not talk about the swimming pools and the baby pools used by the Bollywood stars; the diatribe is only against those individuals who look forward to Holi to enjoy with their friends and family.
Actually, this diatribe is much on the lines of outrage that we see during Jallikattu.

Bollywood Holi IPL Jallikattu, Bollywood actors against Holi, Bollywood actor performance IPL, Bollywood actors Jallikattu
This is cruelty as per Bollywood, not beef eating!

However, beef-eating, leather-wearing, and fur-endorsing Bollywood has a lot of issues with this ‘cruelty against the bulls.’ Here, let’s not forget to share that these very actors can be seen in the forefront of endorsing cruelty laced make-ups and what not. For the high and mighty of Bollywood, it is all about business, they pass their judgement on what is cruelty and what is not depending on what they can gain from them. That is why the IPL using water and exclusive swimming pools for Bollywood stars does not amount to ‘wasting water’ but only playing Holi does.

This may seem like double standards (which it is) but the problem with Bollywood actors is that they take themselves a little too seriously and look down upon the rural culture of our country. The same cannot be said for any other cinema industry in India, this disease of turning backs on rural India is essentially a Bollywood thing.
Therefore, for Bollywood, the rural India and its festivals, be it the Jallikattu or the Holi, are archaic and can be demeaned at will. For flop actors, especially, doing politics over these two issues can help them get the much-needed limelight and that may help them get some political leverage or some benefactor NGO as well (in short, some much-needed money can be made quickly!)

Demonize the rural culture, get famous: The new mantra of Bollywood!

Many forgotten actors got another shot at the limelight after denouncing and demonizing the rural culture and its festivals. In any case, from their point of view, what does celebrating Holi or for that matter Jallikattu do for their careers? No money, no fame, and certainly no endorsement opportunities can be earned. Now, consider water-consuming IPL here, they can make earn a few lakhs in a few minutes! We should not also forget that most Bollywood actors are city folks, completely cut-off from the grassroots hence, the IPL fits in their ‘way of life’ and is now ‘their’ festival, therefore, crinkling their noses while sipping their drinks on Holi or speaking out against Jallikattu suits them.

Bollywood is not the authority!

That is why they even dare people to call them ‘anti-Hindu,’ which by the way is another way to get some much-needed publicity these days after people protest against their hypocrisy of targeting rural India. In fact, we can say that becoming ‘anti-rural’ India and its festivals is a great way to become progressive and liberal these days. For the rural culture to shine and survive in such hate perpetuated by certain high and mighty people in itself is no less than a miracle!

But what is good is that at least people have stopped taking these Bollywood folks seriously and boycotted their movies to show that India will not allow these people to paint rural India in dark hues for their gains. Common Indian support for festivals such as Jallikattu and Holi is a great way to tell these people to back off and mind their words when they lash out and attack the rural India and its culture.

The social media lampooning and boycotted movies, and flop careers are a testament to the fact that India stands firmly behind the right to happiness of the rural India. This goes especially for Bollywood people which still survive on the ticket sales in our India, and the  majority of India, still, is rural by heart and soul.

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