Brenda McMorrow does the most amazing Hanuman Chalisa! (Video)

Brenda McMorrow , musician, devotional music, Hinduism, Hanuman Chalisa

Brenda McMorrow is a Canadian artist and she is easily one of the best devotional Kirtan artists we have in the world today.

On her website, her foray into the devotional music can be understood from these few lines:

It was when Brenda McMorrow participated in her first Sanskrit chant while attending a Yoga workshop in 2004, that she had a profound knowing her musical journey was leading her to places more expansive and heart-opening than she had ever imagined. Brenda remembers: “It was a very simple chant (Om Namah Shivaya), and at the time I had no idea what it signified: all I knew was that every cell in my body started vibrating, and I felt absolute joy”. While in India soon thereafter, Brenda began combining her own songwriting with ancient Sanskrit chants – and she has been flowing with this divine wave of Bhakti energy ever since.

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Brenda McMorrow is also featured on the White Swan Records roster.

Brenda has also accompanied Grammy award winning cellist David Darling and esteemed Kirtan musicians Jai Uttal, Wah!, David Newman, Girish and Dave Stringer, and has been invited to Bhakti Yoga festivals and events across North America, Europe, and Asia as part of her most recent tour schedule.

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Now we won’t take much of your time! Be ready to hear out the Canadian artist Brenda McMorrow:

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