Cheerleaders of Malala are silent on Rinkle Kumari

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New York, May 6, 2016: Malala Yousafzai was awarded a Nobel Prize in 2014 for speaking up for children education. She was shot at by Taliban, that her country Pakistan had nurtured mainly for the subjugation of Afghans.

But today, Malala is a free girl staying in the West where she has the best of all facilities, and from where keeps issuing statements from time to time either on foreign policy, children education or against Donald Trump and his plan to shut out Muslims from the USA. And lapping all this up, are her cheerleaders, who think that the girl has done something remarkable.

Yes, it was remarkable that she had a blog on BBC when she was just a teen and getting shot at for having one was the worst kind of atrcoity that could happen to any child. However, do the cheerleaders and supporters of Malala ever bother about another minor girl, Rinkle Kumari, who was abducted, forced to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim boy despite shouting in the court that there is no justice for ‘Hindus’ in Pakistan and that she would rather die than convert to Islam?

Do these supporters of Malala who come out in swarms to defend her, ever bother to speak up on Rinkle Kumari who became a symbol of resilience and a force against forced conversion of minorities in a country like the habitual-offender Pakistan?

Such was her fighting spirit that her struggle even got the USA involved, and showed the true face of persecution of minorities in Pakistan which before her was all a hush-hush affair bordering on you scratch my back and I scratch yours! In short, it was Rinkle Kumari who highlighted what atrocities were happening in the nation!

Congress Member Brad Sherman wrote directly to Asif Ali Zardari on the Rinkle Kumari case which brought shame to Pakistan.

Of course, later it was ‘loudly proclaimed’ that she accepted Islam and several videos were shot by enthusiastic Pakistanis to show the victory of Pakistan over a minor Hindu girl who had dared to differ.

From then on several victories have been documented, but not because of Pakistani media, but due to social media and also due to Hindu migration, that escalated after Rinkle Kumari’s conversion.

When these hapless Pakistani Hindus came to India or migrated to USA, they told the stories of persecution and discrimination in Pakistan.

It is true that there are several Pakistanis who are indeed apologetic over the forced conversions, but the question is that whether they are apologetic for  the human rights violation or because they feel that the ‘Jinnah’s’ Pakistan is now under the ‘scanner’ and is getting bad reputation? In short, is it their ego, or is it their true concern for Hindu girls which is making them feel ashamed of the activities?

Yesterday, several news publications reported that Jamat-ud-Dawah chief, terrorist Hafiz Saeed, had said that no Hindu Temple would be destroyed  in Pakistan. But then just last year in Lahore, Jamat-ud-Dawah had put up posters saying that there is only one way to get rid of Hindus, and that is “Jihad.”

Today when people talk about minority rights in Pakistan, then it is Rinkle Kumari who is always mentioned first. In face of grave danger that Army-ISI-Judiciary-Terrorist nexus posed, she stood tall and fought till the end.

If that is not true courage then what is? After all, Pakistani girl Malala got the Nobel Prize for showing ‘courage’ in the face of danger. But didn’t Rinkle Kumari also show exemplary courage too and that too for the longer time? Malala is in the West, safe and secure, but what about Rinkle Kumari?

Many of her family eventually were forced out of Pakistan because they dared to speak up. They could have stayed silent, but that was not an option for them any more because when the little girl of the family was unwilling to let this persecution go unchallenged, then really, there was no other way out, except to fight against it.

It is no secret that many minority girls are victims of first forced conversions, then sexual slavery and then human trafficking. Their fate gets worse when they dare to speak up like Rinkle Kumari did.

So, as expected, no one today knows what happened to the pretty, intelligent and brave Rinkle Kumari who became a symbol of hope and struggle  for the minorities. She just vanished from the public eye leaving her family heartbroken and angry.

Yes, education is important, but first a girl child needs an environment where she won’t be assaulted or exploited just because she comes from a certain religion. Will the cheerleaders of Malala ever understand this?

If Rinkle Kumari (abducted February 24, 2012, she was just 2 years elder to Malala having turned 17) would have gotten justice, then perhaps the extremists would have never felt that emboldened to target Malala Yousafzai (shot at on October 12, 2012 when she was 15).

It is even more surprising that while Malala expects to become Prime Minister of Pakistan one day, a similar dream of a Hindu girl would never ever materialize as only Muslims can become head of state in Pakistan!

Worse, that Malala cheerleaders have so much time to comment on every other issue but have largely remained in denial when it comes to atrocities on Pakistani Hindu girls!

Perhaps, if Rinkle Kumari would have got justice, then today, Pakistani men, caught in grooming and sexual assault cases in countries like Britain, may have learned to view the White and Black girls with respect.

It unfortunately did not happen, but it is time to finally realize what Rinkle Kumari tried to do and give credit where it is really due and unite her with her family.



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