Children may not want to eat ‘friends’ for food anymore

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New York, March 20, 2016: It is heartbreaking for children to understand that many living beings often have to die to placate our food habits.

In a rather revealing video, a child is seen telling his mother to not cook the dead chicken and that he will take care of it instead.

The child is obviously unable to understand that the chicken was killed for ‘his’ lunch too and refuses to part with it even when told that he would get another chicken. and breaks down in the end when a message on the screen appears that reads:

In the end, he breaks down and this message on the screen appears:

“We are all born with compassion. Let’s reclaim it.”

You can watch the full video below:

This indeed is a powerful message in a world where we, the humans, have put a price tag on the life of every living being, not even sparing our own.

The video also shows that if we allow children then they may be the best hope for our world and all life on this planet but what about the food we have grown up with, and the nutritional needs of a human child?

These are tough questions but we also need to ensure that we do not end up curbing a child’s instinct of natural compassion ending up scarring him.

Indeed, life is tough for all on this planet but animals probably get the worst deal here.

Earlier we had posted news of a dog was being brutalized while a horse named Shaktimaan is also recovering after a fall during a political protest that even claimed on of its hind legs.

While dogs, cats, and wildlife often get some hearing and outrage, the case of the farm animals is perhaps the worst.

Chicken, sheep, goats, cows, ducks all suffer for our needs.

Check this video:

Here is one more video that shows how little children often become friends with ‘food,’ and this one is the last.

These videos are extremely important as they show that if given the choice, the children may not want to eat whom they perceive as friends. But what is the option? Veganism comes close, but there are several who find this path not only tough but also not very healthy.

But then we must also think about our children and if they reject something, then perhaps going to a doctor and fortifying their diets is the best possible solution.