Congress attacks Kiren Rijiju over shrinking Hindu population remark

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Undeterred by Kiren Rijiju attacking Congress on its claim that Arunachal Pradesh will become a Hindu state, the party hit back saying that the remark should be scrutinized by the Election Commission. The opposition party said that the BJP minister violated the moral code of conduct as many states are going to have elections intending that this statement by Kiren Rijiju may influence the outcome.

The party’s senior leader Digvijay Singh said that the statement was made as Uttar Pradesh is going for elections and the statement may affect the outcome. Kiren Rijiju had attacked Congress after the latter said that Arunachal Pradesh would become Hindu majority in the future.

He had said:

Hindu population is reducing in India because Hindus never convert people. Minorities in India are flourishing unlike some countries around. Congress should not make such provocative statements. India is a secular country. All religious groups enjoy freedom & living peacefully. Why is Congress making such irresponsible statements? People of Arunachal Pradesh are unitedly living peacefully with each other.

Later, when Congress started protesting against him for his remarks, the BJP Minister said:

I’m extremely frustrated with Congress & a section of media. First look at what Congress said. I only responded to a diabolical statement!!

However, while Congress is attacking Kiren over the statement, yet it was the state Congress general secretary Minkir Lollen who started the controversy by issuing the statement on Friday so essentially, Kiren Rijiju was merely replying to the charge. Kiren Rijiju is the face of BJP in Arunachal Pradesh and hence, he merely did what he was expected to do. Minkir Lollen also said that BJP led by Narendra Modi will make Arunachal Pradesh a Hindu dominated state and also charged that gharwapsi may gather steam.

As we had pointed out earlier, Census clearly shows that Arunachal Pradesh had no Christians in 1951 but in 2001, the people following Christianity became the third largest religious group with 18.7% of the state’s total population besides the Hindus (34.6%).


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