Dear men, will you wear a bra?

women, bra, men, Amrapali, Vyjayanthimala , Kareena Kappor, Asoka

New Delhi,  May 4, 2016: Bra has become an important garment for women. As a society we are growing accustomed to seeing the girls in the bra.

In India, bra was introduced pretty late and in fact became a vogue with the advent of female film stars whose posture and taut shape inspired millions of girls to take to bra.

Today it is a must have for every girl!

Although bra came to India pretty late, the breast cloth/ breast bandage, or something to support a woman’s breast was around for a very long time. Sometimes it was the only garment that a woman adorned to cover her breasts while keeping the arms bare.

The garment was quite similar to what Kareena Kapoor Khan wore in Asoka:




Also, check Vyjayanthimala  in Amrapali:


Amrapali, Vyjayanthimala


But still, many women till recently, did not cover the breasts at all with any special cloth and instead simply used the pallu to cover some portion, and of course there was no support for the breasts at all! But women did just fine.

women, bra, men, Amrapali, Vyjayanthimala , Kareena Kappor, Asoka




There are also several masterpieces which show breasts completely bare, which shows that there were little taboos to nudity with regards to breasts:

women, bra, men, Amrapali, Vyjayanthimala , Kareena Kappor, Asoka


And this was not something restricted to the Indian women, alone, but the Indian men too, who kept a bare-chested look and rocked it!

But things changed later, especially after the arrivals of Mughals and men and women started covering up themselves more and more.

For the women, first came the blouse, and eventually the bra.

But do girls feel comfortable in it?

In the video below the girls speak about the problems.

You would be surprised to know that there are several issues with wearing a bra, like the accumulation of sweat around the breasts, some women even complaint that they get marks around the entire belt, and sometimes the bra straps get all messed up leading to itching and what not!

Considering these issues, the girls then ask the boys if they would be interested in trying them, which they did, and the results are both hilarious as well as show what girls grin and bear everyday.

The boys were brave enough to take up the bra challenge, but the question is that if you are a man, then would you dare to take up the challenge to learn the problems that the girls face?

And to the girls, would you be comfortable not wearing a bra in present times? What is your opinion?

Here, watch the full video: