Hindu consolidation defeats caste politics in Uttar Pradesh

While writing this, there is a sense of relief as it has become clear that the age of caste politics is dying a slow and groveling death thanks to the results of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Nothing can beat the feeling of euphoria that comes from knowing that the people have put development before such nefarious politics of divide and rule.

However, this win in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and a solid challenge in Manipur and a terrific fightback in Goa should now also mean that BJP has a huge responsibility on its shoulder. The win is also a strong sign of nationalistic politics and the fact that people won’t stand by ‘Bharat Tere Tukde Honge’ type sloganeering which was a point of debate in the elections. There was also much noise whether Dalits need an identity separate from Hinduism which they have defeated with a resounding victory in Uttar Pradesh. Maybe it is time for opposition parties to dump such negative politics and instead work on the reforms that will help the Hindus as a community to better themselves.

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But considering the massive Hindu consolidation cutting across the caste structure in Uttar Pradesh, it is primarily a responsibility for BJP to usher in the next round of reform movement aimed at the Hindu society.

Use the mandate of Uttar Pradesh to usher in positive reforms:

The Dalits and the OBCs of the Hindu society have shown tremendous faith in the party and they need to be heard at all levels and their grievances need to be addressed. RSS and other Hindu groups must also make sure that their aspirations are heard at the top most level and that they feel part of the Hindu society. Their economic well-being as well as social uplifting needs to be ensured not because they are votebanks but because that is what is the right thing to do.

Entry of Dalits in Temples not as devotees but as priests must begin now and there is no better state than Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh to initiate these major reforms. 

Can BJP or should we say Narendra Modi do this? Yes, he can and he should push for it because the time is ripe and the community seems ready for this challenge.

P.S.: On February 25th, 2016 a Vishva Hindu Parishad leader of the Dalit community, late Arun Mahaur was killed in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. His tireless work for the Hindu cause never got highlighted as much as it should have been. Hopefully, all this will change.

By Namta Gupta