India is with you G D Bakshi!

GD Bakshi India JNU

Indian soldiers have to bear a lot every day of their lives to secure our borders and to keep our country safe.

Long working hours, tragic and young deaths, and hardships and untold miseries await them on every step. But adding to the umpteen number of challenges is the rising number of ‘Intellectuals’ who deride and look down upon our soldiers and common Indians and despise them for their patriotism.

These people, who even care for the human rights of the terrorists, fail to show even one bit of concern for the Indian soldier who stands firm and proud on the land of Siachen despite knowing that every force of nature is acting against every muscle and every bone that he has in his body.

Has it ever occurred to them that unlike them these soldiers do not act for their own gains but the call of the motherland makes them take on this humungous challenge of providing security to 1-billion plus population of India?

Due to these soldiers, India is on the way to be a superpower and then what do we do? We abuse this very safety and start thinking of tearing down India that too in a university that runs on  the funds provided by the very state of India that they wish to destroy!

This abject hostility towards symbols and honor of this country disturbed a valiant Indian soldier like Major General G D Bakshi so much, that he broke down in front of The Times Now Editor, Arnab Goswami, and said that he felt that the soldiers are all alone!

Major General G D Bakshi on his Facebook account wrote this:

“On Arnab’s debate today I suddenly realized that the difference between us soldiers and others…It suddenly hit me….It hurt me deeply to see what we have become. We have problems now with flying our National Flag? I learnt with the greatest shock that so far the National Flag has not been flying in our universities? Why pray? Are they UN enclaves in Free India beyond the pale of our sovereignty? Are we required to sing the Communist Internaionale there instead of our National Anthem? Are the universities paid for by our taxes required to celebrate every Afzal Guru , celebrate every 76 brave CRPF boys who get killed by the Maoists? Celebrate every single soldier who gets killed in the J&K? The problem is the sophisticated debate that these bastions of Leftist liberals have created. Every Patriot is a lumpen; the smart set , the real cool intellectuals support Afzal Guru…for that is the fastest way to a Noble peace Prize or even a Magsaysay Award( Get rich quick guys- who cares for that land called India). Only soldiers like us are stupid enough to become EXTREME NATIONALISTS. Only soldiers make that extreme sacrifice!! And all along we were told it was the SUPREME sacrifice. The Flag my friend is NOT a piece of tattered silk to us soldiers. It is the SYMBOL of who we are. It is for this piece of tattered silk that we have to Fight and DIE- we have NO choice. You DO! That’s the difference.

Earlier, Major General G D Bakshi has critically and boldly assessed the situation at JNU from the point of view of national integrity which certain sections in the media probably would never dare to do:

He said:

“What is happening in JNU is not a clinical debate analyzing the finer points of the Supreme Court judgment on Afzal Guru. It is an orchestrated rant of hate against India- it calls for the barbadi ( destruction)of India- it calls for azadi- “freedom” of J&K from India-How ? By violence, like its hero Afzal Guru attacked India’s Parliament-the most iconic institution in our democracy with guns, bombs and grenades to kill our top leadership. Is that all right? JNU students – including Kanhaiya have been caught on tape shouting azadi and barbadi slogans. Is that not incitement to violence – to BREAK up India? We are supposed to SUBSIDISE this Sedition by our taxes? They celebrate the killing of 76 brave CRPF boys by the Maoists, the killing of our officers and Jawans in J&K and the opposition parties want us to hail this as a liberal discussion? The Leftists want us to support the Break-up of India? What is this NONSENSE? We have a DEBATE On this? I thought the country’s sovereignty and INTEGRITY are NON-NEGOTIABLE. Where is the Debate? You want to destroy India – please Leave- we will not let you do it from our soil and our campuses. I think the TIME HAs COME TO CLEAR SOME BASICS- ONCE AND OR ALL.”

But it seems that his tears and his anguish will fail to melt the cold-hearted liberal segments of the Indian media which survives on the cacophony rather than any solid arguments for their TRPs.

So it is useless to waste our time on them, but we would request Major General G D Bakshi to remember, that this country has rejected Leftism over and over, and has stood up for his soldiers. Despite all of our flaws, we, the Indians will stand by our soldiers this time and every time.

We have our limitations, we are certainly not as powerful and do not have the Nobels and Magsaysays to get cameras zooming in and out of our faces, or the reporters running after us for bites, but yet, we are the power that runs this country and we are the ones whom you gave a voice to on that bulletin, and yes, we stand with you.

Pic and quote credit: Facebook