Hinduphobia in UK: Low caste Hindu blood making Muslim shopkeepers cheaters says TV presenter (Video)

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By Namta Gupta

New Delhi, May 10th, 2020: Mohammed Mahee Ferdous Jalil, a Bangladeshi Muslim businessman has made extremely Hinduphobic and casteist comment that has created an outrage among the UK Hindus.

The businessman is also the founder of Channel S and it is on this channel’s program that he made these comments. On May 3rd, 2020, Mohammed said in a program titled ‘COVID-19’ that Bengali Muslims who came to the UK from Bangladesh have the blood of low caste Hindus and implied that this was the reason why the Muslim shopkeepers cheat their customers.

He implied that if the blood is good then it shows in the way one acts. Jalil gave the example of betel leaves and said that the blood makes the seller cheat the consumer by either by giving him 3 betel leaves instead of five or simply giving him the rotten ones.

A Change.org petition started by Pushpita Gupta is requesting that such xenophobic comments in programs must be stopped.

Taking the derogatory utterances by Mohammed Jalil, John Biggs, the Executive Mayor of Tower Hamlets condemned the ‘disgraceful and derogatory statement’ made against the Hindus.

Biggs also said that ‘ as regards the tv station I understand that the matter will be raised with Ofcom as it is unacceptable that a tv station allows such statements to be broadcast.’

So hopefully action will be taken.

Biggs also said that as the Mayor I stand side by side with all faith communities and such disrespect and religious prejudice has no place in our community.

After severe condemnation, earlier reluctant Jalil has now apologized and said he did not mean to insult Hindus at all.

It is however important for British society to keep in check Hinduphobic statements made on public platforms against Hindus.

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