Angel Number 535353: You have the opportunity to work with the Universe!

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Angel Number 535353 is a rare angel sign sent to a select group of individuals as an invite for an opportunity to work with the Universe. People seeing this sign are to galvanize into action and take their works/projects more seriously as the world’s biggest backer-the Universe has decided to make use of the work. One word of caution though; the person should not be complacent and must heed the advice of Spirit Guides or Assisting Devas or Angels seriously.

The person must be careful and thorough with work and in case of doubts must sit in meditation and let off all steam of the doubts or queries and let the Universe answer.

This is one of the rarest of Angel Numbers as the people seeing this sign are marked beings who are either Healers, Clairvoyants or they may be other Siddha Beings (awakened people) who were sent on Earth as part of soul mission to spread the message of the Universe.

They may look like ordinary folks but their missions are extraordinary. They will soon become public faces in some way and will lead in their respective fields but as I mentioned earlier, they must meditate, be thorough, and never lose sight of their goal. Universe will likely grant these people more manifestation and spiritual powers so as to better help them.

They may also be surrounded by a team of super-powerful Devas and they may have a superior functioning Agya Chakra enabling them to see and witness things that others would never be able to see.

God would regularly speak to them and may send important messages related to their well-being and health.

Let this be clear, these people are protected, nurtured, and loved by the Supreme Soul, and helping these folks, is thus, going to earn rewards for others.

By Namta Gupta

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