Elevator dream meaning: Taking the flight to success and confidence!

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Seeing an elevator dream?

Many people see a dream of finding themselves go up and down in an elevator either alone or with people, they know in their waking life or even with unknown folks.

Sometimes many people may be seen taking to the elevator squeezing the dreamer or making him/her hurt, nervous, or angry. In this case, the elevator dream merely is trying to tell the person to exit from situations over which he/she has no control and to not lose patience over pesky or trivial things.

Riding an elevator with an adversary may mean that whether the dreamer likes it or not, but his/her adversary is very much like him in many ways.

If one sees himself/herself fall down in an elevator and hit the bottom, then something is coming towards the dreamer which may seem a smooth opportunity but it would bring an adverse output.

If in the elevator dream, one is seen taking the elevator and reaching the top, then it means an opportunity to rise in a circle, or promotion is heading the person’s way.

But if a person expects to go up the floors but the elevator takes him or her someplace else then it means some delays. However, at this stage, if the dreamer at any stage says that he/she knows to use the elevator, or knows which way the destination is, then, it merely means that the confidence is bubbling in the person which won’t be harmed by minor delays.

If you saw this dream, and also saw yourself express confidence in any which way, then remember that all the shadow work is over now. Also, it means major healing of the Vishuddha Chakra or the Throat Chakra is coming, enabling the person to speak his wisdom or truth. Once the healing of this Chakra is done, the person would find himself/herself supremely confident and masses would throng to him/her to listen to what they have to say.

Elevator dream is not common, but often it informs us about things which we may not be aware of. Hence, it is always crucial to write down every bit of the dream including dominant emotions and other details.

By Namta Gupta

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