Number 811: Wait is over, time to relish your wishes!

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Number 811 is the final destination of any soul.

This number is shown to a seeker when they are ready to receive everything they wished or asked for.

811 sets the ground for every manifestation that was running in the seeker’s mind.

At this stage, one may also be able to channel from everything and manifest anything.

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It is a phase that will bring a rocking climax for all the wishes.

The seeker is thus advised to take to self-care and stay in a positive frame of mind. Do more hard work and be firmly stationed on ground as things are just coming on to the surface for you to relish.


811 is thus a number that says that your wait for wish-fulfillment is just about over.

811 is shown to many people world over, but, in dreams this number has not been revealed to anyone except one who is very awakened and is already working with the Supreme Soul.

After seeing this number a seeker is advised to walk in parks at the break of dawn to absorb the divine energy that the early morning provides. The seeker is also advised to eat with care and sleep on time after chanting Om Namah Shivay to keep energy stable.

Namta Gupta