Insurance dream: What it means and what should you do?

Swachh Bharat Ambassador,Swacchotsav,Sunidhi Jangid , Rajasthan, Kekdi Nagar Parishad

Insurance dream is one of the many that people see when they feel defeated or feel that they deserve a miracle or simply help from the Supreme Soul.

Insurance dream thus appears when a person’s soul feels bereft of all happiness and feels as if the ground that they stand on is shaky. It is therefore, not a surprise, that many people mistake earthquake dreams as insurance dreams. The difference between the two is that the Earthquake dreams are more about powerful growth in the energy of the Muladhara Chakra (Root) that may make a person feel some sort of void or emptiness while an insurance dream is mostly for those who fear for their life or their possessions.

Many may see an insurance dream at the time of examination, interview for jobs, or when attending someone’s last rites or funeral.  You may also see insurance dream alongside coffin dreams with a slip or the mention of the word insurance.

Like I said in the beginning, insurance dream comes when the soul of a person feels unstable and seeks assurance of some sorts and then the insurance dream will appear.

Sometimes, the soul may also desire that the person buy insurance as it foresees a calamity or it is a plea to check on your safety net immediately.

When only the word insurance is seen in a dream then it is a wake-up call sent by the person’s guides to seek help immediately and not dilly dally as the situation may become adverse.

Insurance claim of any type made by the dreamer that gets immediately approved is the sign that the seeker’s soul is powerful enough to aid him through turbulence of any kind.

Just affirm and type ‘Yes, I will be victorious.’

Insurance cover being made for the dreamer and matching all your needs imply that your spirit guides are extremely powerful and have extended protection over you, your loved ones, and also your belongings.

Insurance of house or any other immovable asset being made in the dream means that your possessions are all fully protected and yet you must remain alert as the guides sense that someone is jealous of you. This being may not be able to directly attack you or your possessions and may use hidden means to harm you.

Coin dream meaning: Money, Karma currency and lots more!

Insurance cover made for a child who is unknown to you means that you will help or give a helping hand to someone pure, gentle, and also unwise to the ways of the world.

Insurance dream where the dreamer takes travel insurance or insures their travel luggage like suitcases etc. means that you will see the zenith of your career as all the checks and the balances are in place. If this is the particular insurance dream you saw, then you have seen either number 44 or 11 either in dreams or in visions.

Insurance dreams are many but the most important ones are those that have been tailored by your guides for you alone. If you saw one of those dreams, then do send me yours on Instagram here.

By Namta Gupta