Pigeon dream meaning: Sign of tranquility and good people!

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Mostly beautiful people inside-out see pigeon dream without external stimuli. These people may be happy or like to stay happy in their lives. They often strive to better their spiritual knowledge and are open-minded.

A pigeon dream, especially seeing a white one is considered a sign of tranquility. A flock of white pigeons represents serenity, individualism sans ego, and contentment in a person. The common grey pigeon or pigeons is the sign of basic everyday happiness in a person’s life.

The dreamer seeing a grey pigeon dream has aplenty or at least enough that is required to live a spiritual and contented life.

If in the pigeon dream, the dreamer feeds the bird then it means that the dreamer is doing everything to keep the stress away. If a pigeon, of any color, in the dream seems friendly, then it is an unusual sign of having achieved complete bliss and equilibrium in life.

If the pigeon or pigeons in the dream seem to be attracted by the person then it means that happiness is around the person in the waking life due to good karma.

If in the pigeon dream, the pigeons attack a person then beware as those who seem meek outwards are not so on the inside and may harm the dreamer.

Seeing a pigeon’s eggs is a wonderful stroke of good luck as a major blessing or wish may get fulfilled while a baby or a fledgling pigeon is the sign of supreme abundance in terms of money or wealth.

A pigeon sleeping peacefully in the nest is a sign of home comfort available to a person in his/her waking life while a pigeon diving or flying means that a person is ready to take a chance or try his/her strength in a project or something else at a given point.

Broken eggs or yolk spilled in a nest is the sign of unfulfilled desires and manifestations ending in heartbreak. A dead pigeon or a pigeon killed by the dreamer heralds major changes and they may be all negative.

A broken nest of a pigeon with scattered twigs means that the person may move out of his place soon with heartbreak.

Pigeon dream is especially for gentle and kind souls. They represent our peace of heart and mind. Such dreamers may possess a tendency to put home first before a fast-paced and greedy lifestyle.

These dreamers thrive on relations and love.

Hence, such dreamers are advised to keep safe from hate and stress and do Lord Vishnu  Sahasranam whenever in stress or simple chanting of ‘Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay Namah’ 108 or 1008 times will reap best results.

Aura cleaning as well as sleeping early and getting up early in the Brahm Muhurat is also advised for those who saw pigeon dream.

By Namta Gupta