Star dream: Your fate will be decided by you

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Star dream is always fascinating to see. Even in the dream world, seeing a star or a constellation in the dream is always a sign of great wonder.

In the star dream, seeing a single star implies that a wish is remaining distant due to lack of effort or because the person lacks good luck as his good-karma balance has become depleted.

However, catching a star or seeing a shooting star is a wonderful sign to behold.

To those on the path of spiritual awakening, a sky full of stars means the endless paths and possibilities as the boundaries of the fate have become fluid and the seeker can choose to become the highest and the most energetic version of themselves. This same dream for others (not on a spiritual path) could mean seeing possibilities in life which they may not be willing to either tackle or embrace.

I wrote two books on number messages and have written extensively on many dreams. But seeing a star dream is my favourite yet as the possibilities and the interpretations are as vast as these heavenly bodies themselves.


So if you see a star dream, the placement, the people, the colors, the time, and everything else should be given to the interpreter and the seeker must be as precise as possible.

Star dream come rarely but even then they are the silent force and seldom draw our attention until of course we see a shooting star.
A sky full of stars could mean a million things and yet it could also hold one precise message for the person.

Stars of golden hue falling down as if someone cut their strings imply a set of great blessings, and the power of the Universe that will now guide the seeker.

Seeing a shower of stars in dream means that you would receive high acclaim from the section you wish to earn it from.

Stars being picked by the seeker in dream imply that their great karma is bringing you several wishes to you to behold and enjoy at your pace and need.

Stars being harvested from bushes is a significant dream that directs a seeker to start working on their Muladhara Chakra (Root) as your Earth element can bring you a far more blessed result. Work towards all beings of Mother Earth and aid the Muladhara Chakra to enjoy the wish of your choice.

Stars in dream placed like flowers in a bouquet means that a set of wishes will bring you comfort and joy in a while.

Let me know if you saw any of the star dreams and what you think it meant for you.

By Namta Gupta