Supari dream meaning: Your ‘essence’ has been revived

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Supari dream is reflective of the inner strength of a person and also of his/her potential.

Supari dream is reflective of health, happiness, a breakthrough in money, and also in spirituality as receiving this nut in a dream means receiving the core of oneself but in a renewed and revived form.

If one sees receiving this as a gift from God like Lord Vishnu or Lord Ganesh or any other facet of God, then it means that all that was the essence of a person which went away due to circumstances is being returned.

With this dream or vision expect a lot of growth, specifically, of the heart, since, the heartfelt wish that got somehow buried deep is surfacing and will be fulfilled.

Supari dream is a very rare dream as it is for those who serve the Supreme Soul with all their heart minus trappings of ego or pride of any sort.

Lotus seed dream meaning: Spiritual awakening and many changes are coming

Supreme Soul knows and sees this person as a kin, guide, and loves to strike a conversation. Therefore, the supari dream in which the article is granted to the dreamer is a rare and high-profile honor and a sort of initiation into the Divine Family. Please keep in mind that whatever one seeks will come but accept the hurdles as just lessons that ought to be learned.

By Namta Gupta