The names of the Muslim countries which severed ties with Qatar

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Here is the list of the nations that have announced that they will toe the Saudi Arabia line and sever ties with Qatar:

1.)  UAE: The United Arab Emirates has issued the following statement:
“The UAE affirms its complete commitment and support to the Gulf Cooperation Council and to the security and stability of the GCC States. Within this framework, and based on the insistence of the State of Qatar to continue to undermine the security and stability of the region and its failure to honour international commitments and agreements, it has been decided to take the following measures that are necessary for safeguarding the interests of the GCC States in general and those of the brotherly Qatari people in particular:
1-In support of the statements issued by the sisterly Kingdom of Bahrain and sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates severs all relations with the State of Qatar, including breaking off diplomatic relations, and gives Qatari diplomats 48 hours to leave the UAE.
2-Preventing Qatari nationals from entering the UAE or crossing its points of entry, giving Qatari residents and visitors in the UAE 14 days to leave the country for precautionary security reasons. The UAE nationals are likewise banned from traveling to or staying in Qatar or transiting through its territories.
3-Closure of UAE airspace and seaports for all Qataris in 24 hours and banning all Qatari means of transportation, coming to or leaving the UAE, from crossing, entering or leaving the UAE territories, and taking all legal measures in collaboration with friendly countries and international companies with regards to Qataris using the UAE airspace and territorial waters, from and to Qatar, for national security considerations.
The UAE is taking these decisive measures as a result of the Qatari authorities’ failure to abide by the Riyadh Agreement on returning GCC diplomats to Doha and its Complementary Arrangement in 2014, and Qatar’s continued support, funding and hosting of terror groups, primarily Islamic Brotherhood, and its sustained endeavours to promote the ideologies of Daesh and Al Qaeda across its direct and indirect media.
While regretting the policies taken by the State of Qatar that sow seeds of sedition and discord among the region’s countries, the UAE affirms its full respect and appreciation for the brotherly Qatari people on account of the profound historical, religious and fraternal ties and kin relations binding UAE and Qatari peoples.”

2.) Bahrain: In a statement Bahrain said that “based on the insistence of the State of Qatar to continue to undermine the security and stability of the Kingdom of Bahrain and to interfere in its domestic affairs, as well as on the escalation and incitement of its media and its support to acts of terror and to financing armed groups associated with Iran to carry out subversive attacks and spread chaos in the Kingdom in flagrant violation of all agreements, covenants and principles of international law without any regard to values, law, morals or consideration of the principles of good neighbourliness or pledge to the premises of Gulf relations, and the denial of previous commitments, the Kingdom of Bahrain announces the severing of its diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar in order to preserve its national security.
Bahrain is also withdrawing its diplomatic mission from Doha and giving all members of the Qatari diplomatic mission 48 hours to leave the Kingdom and the completion of the necessary procedures.
Bahrain is also closing its airspace, ports and territorial waters to air traffic and shipping to and from Qatar within 24 hours of the announcement of the statement.
The Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain is banning its citizens from traveling to Qatar or staying there. It regrets that Qatari citizens are not allowed to enter or transiting through Bahrain.
Qatari residents and visitors are therefore given 14 days to leave the Kingdom in order to avoid any hostile attempts or activities that may exploit the situation, despite our pride and confidence in our brethren among the Qatari people and their love for their second country.

3.) Yemen: The Yemeni government has announced severing diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar after it has been clear its practices and dealing with the coup militias and its support for extremist groups in Yemen which contradicts the objectives agreed upon by the countries supporting the legitimate Yemeni government.
The Yemeni government confirmed in a statement today transmitted by Yemen News Agency (SABA) its support for the steps taken by the Command of the Coalition to Support the Legitimacy in Yemen to end the participation of Qatari forces and cutting off its diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar.

4.) Egypt: The Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt decided to sever diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar in the wake of Qatar’s insistence on taking a hostile course against Egypt and the failure of all attempts to dissuade it from supporting the terrorist organizations, especially the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and harboring its leaders.
This came in a statement issued today by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in which it attributed Egypt’s decision on severing diplomatic ties to Qatar’s promotion of ideology of al-Qaeda and Daesh (ISIS) and its support for terrorist operations in Sinai, as well as Qatar’s insistence on interfering in the internal affairs of Egypt and the countries of the region, threatening the Arab national security and enhancing sedition and division within Arab societies based on a deliberate plot targeting the unity and interests of the Arab nation. Spokesman of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry Ahmad Abu Zaid said that the Qatari ambassador was summoned today and given formal notification of the expiry of his accreditation as an ambassador to Egypt.
In a statement issued today, Abu Zaid added that Egypt has given the Qatari ambassador in Cairo 48 hours to leave Egypt.

5.) Libya: The Government of Libya decided to sever diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs at the provisional Government, Mohammed Al-Dairi said in a press statement that “His country has decided to sever its relations with the State of Qatar in solidarity with our brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and the Arab Republic of Egypt” .
He pointed out that Qatar’s record in its repeated and numerous attacks on the dignity of the Libyan people after February 17 events has always angered large sectors of the Libyan people.

6.) Maldives: The Republic of Maldives announced today the severing of its diplomatic relations with Qatar.
The Maldivian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the decision to sever relations was due to its strong opposition to activities that encourage terrorism and extremism, stressing Maldives’ commitment to work with countries that promote peace and stability, affirming its solidarity in the war on terrorism.”

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