Nude pics of Melania Trump are not embarrassing, something else is

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New York Post should be given credit for bringing the fence sitters to come out and support Melania Trump. Surely, the intention of the paper was to get more viewers, but this act of its is likely to make neutral voters take sides and they will end up siding with Melania Trump.

Not that American-style journalism evokes any respect these days.

But this time, the American journalism went even further down and brought to fore the nude photo shoot of Melania Trump to shame Donald Trump, the challenger who is trying to unseat a politically correct Clinton, a nuanced and talented candidate Hillary Clinton, a woman.

The racy pictures of Melania Trump should not surprise anyone. Everyone knows that Melania Trump was a model, and not just any model, she was a very successful model.

A model who even now is remembered by her photographer Jarl Ale de Basseville, the French man, who captured her nude and remembered her for being the charming, pleasant and an educated woman who did not get fazed by the lesbian theme of the spread, in short the professional woman that the world today respects and needs. But not for these American journalists, they who keep tom-tomming about women rights now want to infringe on the right of a woman to choose her work merely because it needs them to disrobe or dress in a certain way?

The sexist theme is nothing short of a hit-job on Donald Trump but why is the ‘glass ceiling breaker’ Hillary Clinton silent? Shouldn’t she be the one who should be the first one to speak against this obvious attack on a woman’s freedom? What would she say about countless porn actors and other actors and singers and even common girls of the ‘nation of the free’ America who also do nudes? Does she approve of the mud that is being heaped on to Melania Trump? If yes, then we may have a problem at our hands, because Donald Trump is not going to shut out women merely because they choose modeling and end up doing nude shoots which their job demands of them! The response from the campaign said it all very clearly too , it said, “nothing to be embarrassed about” the Melania Trump photos and that is absolutely right, if anything, then the man must have felt proud of having a life-partner who was damn successful in her own ‘chosen’ field.
And it is one thing to dislike or hate Donald Trump but why drag in Melania Trump every time? Why should she be made a political scapegoat between two contenders (one of them a woman) vying for the top job which also includes equal human rights for women? Is objectifying women merely because they choose modeling is now in vogue in America? How is it any different from the sexist ‘iron my shirt’ heckling of Hillary Clinton?
Is now it is alright for journalists to bring down a woman and show that she is incapable of becoming the ‘First Lady’ merely because she did a nude shoot (this is not porn), which was merely an attempt to show the purity of the female human form and the freedom of a woman.
As the photographer pointed out in the New York Post article, and rightly so, that these pictures are common in Europe and the entire look was modeled on the Renaissance art.

Well to these American journalists, the very thought of a Renaissance art may well merely be French to their ears because, surely, they know very little about it, because if they did, then they wouldn’t have tried pulling such a dirty trick on Melania Trump.

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Namta Gupta