What Pakistani Hindus do during Muharram

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Chander Parkash Khatri, a Pakistani Hindu, has penned a beautiful note detailing the feelings of the Hindu community during the Muslim Muharram. Here is his note, unedited, where he speaks about it:

“Though I don’t know much about Hussaini Brahmins/Hindus, but I always notice a few things amongst many Hindus of Sindh during the 1st ten days of Muharram.

– Many Hindus I personally know wear black attire until 10th Muharram in the respect of Imam Hussain.
– Across the lower Sindh, many Muharram processions are completely supervised by local Hindus.
– Almost all the Hindus in Sindh distribute Food and cold water during 1st ten days of this month.
– Not only this, Sindh also has a few renowned Hindu Zakirs who are called for aMjlises across the entire Pakistan.

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There’s literally an undescribable bonding between Hindus of Sindh and Imam Hussain, which makes many of them commemorate these days exactly the way Shias do.

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This Muharram, we are all Hussaini!”

You can check his original post by clicking here.

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