Hindu boys picked up in Pakistan for Eid postings

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Sufi Pir Ayub Jan Sarhandi’s mega rally on 12th September in Mithi’s Kashmir Chowk, Pakistan, against Hindus has yielded fruits. The rally was an anti-Hindu show and the target was the Hindu boys who had said certain things with regards to Muslim festival of sacrifice Eid.

Tharparkar police, acting on the tip, has picked up one Raja Kanwar which was identified after his Facebook post went viral with angry Muslim youngsters asking for his arrest. He was picked up on 16th September night from a house in Hyderabad. Another Hindu youth named Danish Meghwar was picked from the Parmar locality in Mithi on 15th of September. His father Kirshan was also picked up by the Pakistan police but was released later says a Dawn report published on 18th September.

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Danish is a young boy and is the president of Tharparkar chapter of the Sindhi Shagird Tehreek. He has now been taken to an undisclosed location. Local Hindu community is planning to raise their voice against this treatment given to the Hindu youth. Last year on fake charges of Quran desecration a Hindu youth was shot dead in Pakistan while properties were destroyed by a frenzied mob.

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Currentriggers.com had earlier reported about the threat to the Hindu boy Kanwar Raja who was named in the pamphlet distributed by the Sarhandi group. Sarhandi is a local Muslim cleric with a huge following for his work in the field of Muslim welfare and conversions. Pakistani Hindu leader Lal Malhi is on his radar too. Blasphemy against Islam is a serious offense against in Pakistan which could be fatal. Due to continuous religious persecution, Hindus have been forced to migrate to India.

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