Pakistani Hindus protest against the murder of the Hindu boy

Pakistani Hindus, Quran desecration, Pakistan

Sindh, July 28, 2016: Pakistani Hindus came out on streets to protest against religious extremism that has been unleashed over it after the allegations by the Bharchundi Sufi Peers that a Hindu man desecrated Quran.

The man in questions had converted to Islam 4-years back after being tired of rampant persecution and is said to be mentally unstable. But this has not been covered up by the media till now as they fear becoming a target of hate.

Pakistani Hindus, Quran desecration, Pakistan
Pakistani Hindus ask for justice.

Sindhi nationalists are already condemning the violence against the Pakistani Hindus and the silence of the politicians who spared no minute to even talk about the atrocities as the Peers in question are powerful and have a sway over the common people.

Pakistani Hindus, Quran desecration, Pakistan
Rising extremism which plagues most part of Pakistan is a challenge for Sindh. Can Sindh defeat terrorism and extremism?

The protest took place at the Karachi Press Club and the protestors demanded that the murdered Hindu boy, Sateesh Kumar, killers and those who stoned Raherki darbar be arrested as soon as it can be done.

Meanwhile, right now, the situation is still tense and the Peers and their men remain untouched by the law-enforcement agencies fearful of a possible backlash.

Pakistani Hindus, Quran desecration, Pakistan,
Pakistani Hindus come out on streets in different areas to protest against the violence.

It has also been reported that the Muslim mob chanted the slogans against the media with the prominent one being:
“‪‎Media‬ wara ‪‎Hindu‬ ja Hami sub Harami.”

The mob believed that by recording the incident, the journalists were doing a great disservice to the cause of Islam and many journalists were roughed up and beaten with rods and sticks for doing their work and capturing the incident on cameras.

So far no top voice has emerged to condemn the violence against the Pakistani Hindus.

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