Ram Gopal Varma attacks Jallikattu supporters in epic rant

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Ram Gopal Varma kicked up a storm in favor of animal rights group PETA and against Jallikattu supporters.

He also attacked Sasikala and the film actors who came out in support of the bull embracing game.

Ram Gopal Varma started his rants yesterday reminding people that Govt restricts filmmakers to show even crow or dog but allows bulls to be brutally harassed for cultural entertainment #jaijallikattu.

Ram Gopal Varma then said that Ears, horns cut, mutilated, tail bones dislocated, poked with knives tortured with nose ropes causing death .#jaijallikattu is barbarism.

He also dragged in Sasikala and late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa in it, adding, that protesting against the barbarism of  jaijallikattu is very much in tune with worshipping tribalist/feudal culture of Jayalalithaa and Sasikala.

The director also said that just by giving it name of culture, jaijallikattu cannot escape from its true tradition of torturing innocent animals for people’s pleasure and that each of the jaijallikattu supporters should be made to run with hundreds of bulls chasing and said that ‘then I want to hear him talk about his feelings.’

Not stopping at that, Ram Gopal Varma said that jallikattu is enjoying a barbarism of making an innocent animal suffer for social entertainment by cowardly hiding behind culture and that the celebrities in Tamil Nadu protesting against jaijallikattu ban should have their ears pulled n backs hugged by hundreds to know the poor animal’s feelings.

Jallikattu supporters are barbarians

Ram Gopal Varma also accused supporters of this game of being barbarians who want to fight for their right to torture poor innocent defenceless animals.

He said that if Tamil culture is about brutalizing poor animals then Al Qaeda’s culture of beheading innocent people also is right. He said that atleast 10 animals should be set after each jaijallikattu human protester for him to know what poor bull feels when 1000’s are chasing. Ram Gopal Varma added that torturing defenseless living beings for personal entertainment in the name of culture and tradition is worse than terrorism and that instead of chasing a defenseless animal for pleasure why don’t jaijallikattu guys chase a human being. He said that ‘they won’t because they know it pains.’

He also struck an elitist note when he pronounced that none of the jaijallikattu protestors know neither the meaning nor spelling of culture. They are just human shaped vultures wanting blood and that jaijallikattu is a true throwback to the tremendously ugly diasporic thinkingingly non-thinking of Tamilian culturastic non culture.

 Jai Jallikattu shows real culture of Tamilians says Ram Gopal Varma

The director said that fighting for jaijallikattu, more than who should lead them, shows real culture of Tamilians … He said that ‘I don’t want to wish any of them all the best.’

He also said that the choice of their leaders itself tells about the really true culture of jaijallikattu people more than the poor tortured innocent bulls.

Ram Gopal Varma also said that the celebrities are supporting jallikattu for votes and tickets, but who would save the poor innocent voiceless animals from barbaric torture? He also mentioned that if poor innocent animals also had voting power and could buy tickets no celebrity would have dared to support. In short, he said, that the bottom line of jaijallikattu is that each supporter should be made to be chased by a one thousand bulls and then let’s see how much they will protest?

Supreme Court must not surrender says Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Varma said that he is sure the Supreme Court realises that the people who support the torture of poor innocent animals are the really true impure animals and if Supreme Court bends down to mindless mobs and personal profit oriented celebrities it’s proof there’s no Constitution in India.

PETA being made to look villain says Ram Gopal Varma

The director said that by attacking actor Trisha Krishnan the ‘animals of  jaijallikattu proved that they are worse bullies than the bulls they want to bully. It’s tragic & ironical that jaijallikattu terrorists are trying to portray PETA as a terrorist organisation protecting poor innocent animals.’

He also said that this must be first for a welfare organisation like PETA to be looked upon as an evil outfit and that the last he heard it happened in Africa 20 years back.

Ram Gopal Varma defended PETA and said that by targeting animal rights group, it is proved jaijallikattu supporters, whom he called ‘terrorists’ are inhumanly barbaric and their insights are more backward than remote corners of Africa.

He also said that PETA should demand the UN (United Nations) to rename Tamil Nadu as Jallikattu and register it as medieval state in need of psychiatric treatment of wanting to torture.

Ram Gopal Varma drags in Sasikala

He said that the jaijallikattu people have no problem with just an associate of Amma becoming leader and they are insanely bothered with running after a bullock.

The director also said that Sasikala has no experience on state problems… no problem for Tamils, but have massive problems about running after bull. He sarcastically said that this would make Africa  proud. He also said that the celebrities are shit scared of dictatorial Tamil Nadu politicians and their cowardly heroism comes out only in supporting torture of innocent animals.  He said that every jaijallikattu supporter will s*** his pants to say why Sasikala? But will be Alexander the Great on a poor defenseless animal..Jai TN.

Ram Gopal Varma also ranted against Sasikala saying that many saying why not torture bulls in name of ancient culture, but no one will say why Sasikala? He said that this was because the poor bull can’t kick and she can. If at all they have real courage film celebs should ask why Sasikala Instead of showing their heroism on torturing poor defenseless animals?

He said that he dares Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan, Vijay, Kamal Haasan and others to show same courage to endorse Sasikala with as much enthusiasm as on torturing bulls.

After venting out, it seems Ram Gopal Varma has finally gone to sleep.

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