Turkey Coup: Democracy Is Fragile In Many Parts of The World

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While the democratic world was watching aghast at the way some Pakistani Army supporters wanted Martial Law to return to Pakistan under General Raheel Sharif fearing the worst, Turkey coup, just happened.

An Army group in Turkey had decided that this was the perfect time to take over the nation by ousting (or eliminating?) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The clashes in Turkey has 70 dead and 340 people arrested but the situation is still serious. That this happened right after the Truck Attack in France shows that destabilizing forces are out in full force and democratic values are taking hit over and over again.

Why is this happening? Here is what actor Siddharth believes and many would agree to it, that it is indeed confusing times:

India, China, and the host of other countries which were earlier battling each other on CHexit and domestic issues suddenly woke up to the bad fruits of globalization; even disturbances in one part will lead to troubles for them.

But the real question is that should we be putting all eggs in the basket of democracy knowing well enough that it may not be able to hold a country together? In Iraq, post-Saddam Hussain, we saw how well pushing for democracy turned out. Today that area has turned into a hub of Islamic State, the most gruesome terrorist group in the history defeating even the diabolical Al Qaeda and LeT.

Even in Pakistan, the return of democracy means the return of corruption, sectarian killings, destabilization, terrorism and nepotism with the entire parties being passed on to the children as ‘inheritances’ by a shoddy will.

Knowing well enough that Turkey is seeing an increasingly ‘democratic’ dictatorial set-up under Erdogan, we must watch carefully and not take sides. Especially India, which has taken to Maldives coup government after it ousted democratically elected Nasheed. A coup in Turkey is not entirely a bad thing either, it may actually end up helping the people. Check this:

Democracy should be spontaneous, if it harms people it claims to serve, then it is useless. In Turkey, many believe that what Erdogan represented was not ‘true’ democracy and a coup in the nation must be welcomed. But it is a little harder for many to gulp this down as we have come to romanticize the idea of democracy; a perfect set-up where people are the king. This is all good in theory but in reality, in many nations, it is a mere sham.

Also, in the world of diplomacy, personal convictions, morals and values indeed have no place so perhaps, democracy will have to wait before it can bloom in some parts of the Middle East. So, do not just judge Turkey coup as bad just because it is overthrowing an ‘elected’ government.

Pic Credit: AirNews