Ram Gopal Varma is turning into Taslima Nasreen? Check the tweets!

Ram Gopal Varma, Taslima Nasreen, Dhaka, Nice, France, Christians, Hindus, Quran, Mecca

What’s up with Ram Gopal Varma? The director is tweeting stuff that would make him stand in the league of Taslima Nasreen! Yes, Ram Gopal Varma is an Atheist who has taken to taking potshots at everyone!

First, he stated that he thinks that Christians and Hindus also should learn Quran to escape being killed by terrorists because if their own religions can’t protect them maybe Quran will. And then today he wrote that attack on Nice is not Nice and that he wished to pray to God to stop it but then he wondered to which God he must address his prayer to!

He also took on the politicians calling their condemnation repetitive bad joke. He knows what repetitive bad jokes are, his movies fall into this league. But this time, he indeed is taking his sarcasm to a whole new level with his tweets.

Here are the top 8 tweets from Ram Gopal Varma that shows that he is the Taslima Nasreen of the industry:



Earlier, Ram Gopal Verma has tweeted remarks against Lord Ganesha post which he had to apologize as many found his remarks in bad taste. Here are his tweets:

And here is the apology that he posted: