Book Review: Satan’s Lullaby is a good book to read at tea time!

Author: Priscilla Royal

Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press

ISBN: 978-1-4642-0356-5

Satan’s Lullaby by Priscilla Royal is an engaging book to be read while sipping tea or simply at bedtime. It is a nice book for television adaption (in my humble opinion) and makes for an easy read.

The book is easy on eyes as the language employed is soft yet powerful. The book’s climax is also feel-good which is great during Covid-19 times that we live in. Right now, no one wants anything that is damaging to our own mental peace.

Plus, Royal’s writing ensures that there are no loose ends in the narrative which is a huge plus.

This is the second time I revisited Satan’s Lullaby and found it to be better than the first time.

Mildly thrilling and sometimes cringe-worthy, but always stirring, be it at a low or at a high pace, is how I found the book.

The book also throws hints at ‘Eve’s daughters’ predicament even when they are talented and dedicated to the job.

This was the part that would make a reader cringe.

As a woman myself, I hope this period never returns. But yet it is important to swallow both the palatable and the unpalatable parts of our own existence and it actually does add to the story that unfolds. The best part, however, was how some of Adam’s son’s had the heart to support these women as and when it was required.

Love, honor, duty, and bromance, amidst other ingredients, are added in this tale which evokes different responses at different intervals.

Satan’s Lullaby is very finely edited and that adds to the value.

No unnecessary details are thrown at the reader in Satan’s Lullaby and even though the setting is entirely staunch Christian, yet, it does give variety and viewpoints over how to approach this God without vocalizing it in the ‘writing’. This is what makes for a good writing and the author has done a good job again.

I would surely recommend this book for the simple pleasures that we all need in present times.

By Namta Gupta