Book Review: The Porter’s Wife will make you shed many tears

The Porter’s Wife

Author: Lisa Brown

Publisher: First Edition Design Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-62287-503-0

The Porter’s Wife is an excellent story of a journey of a common hardworking woman in turmoil.

Can ‘eternal’ love happen twice?

Is it cheating if a woman seeks a new hope or a new relationship when the first is no more?

This is the essence of this storyline and it is so magnetic and powerful that at various intervals it would draw tears in the eyes of the readers.

On emotional parts, especially the ones where love is the dominant emotion Brown is evoking, it is absolutely gorgeous work in writing.

Faith, duty, and love are central to The Porter’s Wife and are also the prime ingredients for anyone seeking a captivating book.

But that is also an issue; the tears and the woefulness are so aplenty that the joyful occurrences seem like Band-Aids trying to seal a gaping wound.

The tragedies keep coming and mounting which is shocking and glues a reader to the book in the beginning but later the shock value simply wears off and makes one numb to a point that the reader would simply stop caring.

For a reader, it definitely gets frustrating as the story seems stuck in a loop of eternal tragedy.

The teen romance also did little to add to the main story but since it is the first book, so hopefully the second one would throw more light on it.

Climax of the book is mature and we can all relate to it; it is very composed and well written.

Honestly, it could have been one of the best books to read had the editing been sharper and unnecessary details removed.

But these are minor issues and do not take away from the content that the writer has produced.

Otherwise, it is a spectacular read for those seeking emotionally stimulating work.

By Namta Gupta

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