Malabar Gold and Diamonds: Indian citizen arrested for circulating forged images

The saga that began with the Pakistan Independence Day quiz seems to have come to an end. While fake pics were circulating on the internet, Malabar Gold and Diamonds lodged a complaint against the organized campaign and today the Dubai police arrested an Indian man who is said to be behind this entire ordeal.
In a statement Malabar Gold and Diamonds gave details of the arrest in the following words:

“Dubai Police has arrested an Indian citizen for engaging in an ill-motivated social media campaign against Malabar Gold & Diamonds using forged images. The arrested person is identified as Mr. Bineesh Ponankal Arumoghan, an ex-employee of the Company. The cyber wing of the Dubai Police uncovered that that it was Bineesh who first shared the forged image through Facebook in Dubai.”

In short, it seems that an ex-employee tried to get back at the company by abusing the power of social media.

Further, the statement read:

“In an official communication sent to the Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Dubai Police confirmed the arrested person has confessed that he manipulated the images to damage the brand Malabar Gold & Diamonds. The image he posted has resulted into a major negative campaign against the brand, but with this arrest the conspiracy behind the attack against the brand has been revealed. Company has filed complaints against the fake campaign against it in India as well, more legal/police actions are expected on this ion the coming days.”

Malabar Gold and Diamonds has already refuted the rumours that its staff cut a cake on the day of Pakistan Independence Day.

It is important to state here that Malabar Gold and Diamonds is not alone, several other companies have come under the weather due to needless controversies.

This controversy showed that the business houses are becoming vulnerable to such attacks in India. But what is the way out?

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Pic Credit: Malabar Gold and Diamond Facebook page